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Mc'bedded is a freelance enterprise owned and run by myself, Richard Kleijhorst. I am a curious and technical-  enthusiast with a bachelor degree in Embedded Systems Engineering. With roughly 2 decades of working experience mainly in research and development, I have a solid background in physics and mechanics as well.

I have a slight preference for (embedded) computer vision projects, but I consider IoT, AI and (motion) control projects pretty cool as well. And a combination of these would make it even more fun. After all: when it is physically possible, only your imagination is the limit!


Companies and projects with smaller budgets are Mc'bedded's main targets. Small companies do often have not the amount of work or the budget to employ an embedded systems engineer permanently. Also, research projects at universities or research institutes are mostly bound to a tight budget. For these companies and projects Mc'bedded wants to provide a way forward.

Criteria I use before making a project plan and quotation:

  • Have nothing to do with illegal activities
  • Fun to do
  • It must make me some money (to keep the wolf from the door)



A summary of Mc'beddeds skills and knowledge will be placed here.


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